What Did I Do Wrong?

The United States wouldn’t be what it is today without centuries of hard working settlers shaping our society. Because of them, we’re the shining beacon of democracy around the world. A strong economic, social and political power that’s on the forefront of every major issue that arises. However, those in power often made rules which may have seemed justifiable at the time, but make no sense in today’s society. These laws disappear under the mountains of new legislation until someone digs deep enough into local charters.

Here are just some of the odd, but still enforceable laws, which have been uncovered from our nation’s past.

Get your a** OUT of the tub

In the state of Arizona, it’s illegal to allow your donkey to sleep in a bathtub. Whether this was done for public health (disease and waste entering the water supply) or because there must be a better place for them to sleep is unknown.

A legal pickle

Connecticut, largely unknown for its serious approach to pickle quality, has a law where a product cannot be marketed as a pickle unless it bounces when dropped. Perhaps this law comes after decades of bootleg, unbounceable pickles. One thing is for sure, if you want a legally qualified pickle, you know where to go.

If it weighs as much as a car, it counts as a car

Sly travelers or circus performer’s must have robbed local governments of valuable income at one point or another. Florida holds a very specific law where, should you hitch your elephant on a parking meter, you must pay for the parking space as if it were a car. Even if this law were to be enforced, it’s hard to imagine how towing would occur.

Tastes like chicken

Perhaps more concerning about its mysterious origin than any other law, Rhode Island punishes anyone who bites off the limb of another person with one to 20 years in prison. Luckily if you’ve been charged with this crime there’s no specific language on whether it must be in one bite or not. You may be off the hook.

No flash photography please

Do you know why pictures of Bigfoot are always blurry? In the state of Washington it’s a felony, punishable by fine or imprisonment to harass or invade the privacy of a Bigfoot creature. So maybe he isn’t a frightening, fast moving creature. He’s just like everyone else, only living living life out in the woods. Perhaps the blurriness comes from the photographer’s shakey fear a police officer will catch them red handed.